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Hummingbird (oneshot)


written and created by wolfskater63, edits by Chel Traynor

What everything boils down to in life is speed.  All that ever matters nowadays is how fast you can do something.  I should know: most of my life was spent being the slowest one at everything. The only thing I was really fast at was reading, but what good is that in a world like this?

Now though?  Now everything’s changed.  Now I have the power to move fast, faster than everything else, and I plan to put this power to good use. That starts today.

Once my homework is finished, I take the costume I had spent the past week making, and I start to change. First I exchange my jean shorts for blue three-quarter length leggings, and my red sweatshirt for a blue under-armor shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows.  On the back is a purple hood I sewed on myself.  I put on a pair of blue goggles before pulling the hood up over my head and slipping on a purple tank top. Lastly I pull on a pair of purple gloves and my blue running shoes before cautiously making my way to the front door, hoping none of my younger siblings see me.

“I’m going out for a run!” I call up the stairs to my mom, sliding out the front door before she can reply and dashing off on my way.

For the first week after discovering my super-speed I had spent it figuring out how to work my powers.  While I could run at supersonic speeds, my legs didn’t seem to get too sore from the exertion.  I found that I could run over water and reach places outside my state, even outside my country by running, though it did tend to take a while…and running over the water demanded lots of attention so I wouldn’t fall.  After that, I started developing costume ideas and a name.  I created my costume using my running clothes from track and leftover materials from family crafting projects.  I’m more than a little proud of it. 

I sprint through what I consider my hometown.  It mainly consists of my school district, the other districts surrounding it, and the city that I usually pass through in the car.  Initially I can’t find anything do to minus breaking up a small fight- I use a couple of jump ropes to tie them to opposite lamp posts- but then I see the police cars.  Whatever’s going on, it seems like a good a time as any to test out what I could really do.

I follow the cops till they stop at a bank.  A bunch of police are already there, along with news reporters standing tentatively on the sidelines, waiting till it’s safe to go get the scoop.  I zip up to one of the policemen who seems to be in charge to find out the situation.

“What’s going on?” I ask casually, as if inquiring about sports scores.

“What the…?!” he exclaims, searching around for the speaker till he sees me.  “Get out of here kid, there are armed criminals in there!  You could get hurt.”

“Well duh, but I’m going to help anyways,” I tell him before I dart past the police and into the building, exclamations of surprise and “You can’t do that!” falling on deaf ears.

Inside a group of five guys dressed in the classic black clothes and ski mask get-ups are holding guns, grabbing money, and generally making the civilians on the floor nervous.  Well this was dangerous, and I did want to test just what I was capable of.  So I do something stupid…

“Yo, thief dudes!” I brazenly call, standing just in front of the exit.  “This isn’t cool, couldn’t you just leave these poor people be?”

“Who are- what the-?!” the lead criminal exclaims, as he and the rest of his gang point their guns at me.

“Very eloquent.  And could you put those things down, they’re making me jumpy,” I tell them seriously.

The unimpressed gunmen look at me with mocking disbelief, then look at each other knowingly.  The guys start chuckling.

“They can do a lot worse than that,” the leader says, composing himself before pulling the trigger and letting a bullet fly at me.

I immediately spring into action, dodging the slow-motion bullet and sprinting over to the criminals. They all open fire after their leader.  I weave my way through the cascade of lead before taking their guns.  I gather them all up and put them in a pile outside the bank before going back and punching the leader right in the face.  I couldn’t resist.

"How she doing that?!" shouts one of the gunmen.

"Don’t know," he snarls, clutching his nose.  "But she’s not gonna be doing it for much longer!"

He screams at me, and I may or may not have panicked.  The guy lunges and I dodge his attack.  Using my momentum I barrel into what looks like the smallest of the gang and tackle him.  I swing my fist at him, but he blocks.  Ironically enough, I’m too slow.  The others gang up on me, and it becomes all of them throwing blows at me and me dodging with my speed, hoping the hostages will leave or the police will step in.

Both, miraculously, happen at the same time.  The criminals are so busy trying (and failing, I might add) to fight me, that they don’t notice the cops ushering people out and drawing their guns.

“Put your hands in the air and freeze!” orders the very same officer I had talked to earlier.

They stop trying to punch me long enough to look over and notice the police pointing guns at them.  I rush over to the cops and hide behind them.

“Thank goodness you guys are here, I was afraid I was going to have to find some rope or something.”

“I told you to stay out of here,” the Chief glares at me, while the others arrest the perpetrators.

“And I told you I was going to help,” I remind him, smiling.

He raises an eyebrow unamused, and goes to help load the suspects into the cars.  Just as I’m leaving, I get stopped by a reporter on the scene.

"Wait, miss, are you the girl that barged in on the gunmen just now?" she says, angling the microphone towards me to talk.

"Uhh, yeah," I reply nervously, trying to politely leave.  "That was me."

I’m a deer in the headlights of the news camera.

"Are you one of these new real-life superheroes?  Are you connected to that Shockwave boy on the west coast?"

"Uhhhh…I don’t, I mean-" I stammer.  Now I’m the one lacking in the eloquence department.

“The word is that you were a big help in giving this hostage situation a happy ending,” she quickly continues.

“I did nothing, really,” I scratch the back of my head.  “I couldn’t even punch any of them out,” I admit.

"But is it true you disarmed the men and distracted them so the hostages could escape?  You’re just a kid!

My next words just slip out, practically on their own: “Not just a kid anymore, I guess!”

The reporter looks impressed.  “So can we expect to see more of you helping out, miss- er, what are you calling yourself?”

“Yes you can,” I answer, taking a millisecond to think about the second question.  “And you can call me Hummingbird.”


Bryan, I like the way you think.

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