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ASTONISHERS now has a twitter…@tweetstonishers

As you can see by the picture, the name Astonishers was already taken, so I had to resort to using a pun as the handle. 

But to celebrate the christening of the new page, as well as my use of pun, I’m having a little contest.  The person to tweet the best Astonishers-related pun at me wins a sketch of the character of their choice.  I’ll pick a winner on the 20th!

See you on Twitter!

Our queen Helene. 

Let me know if you guys would like this as a print.

From line art to color…


Fare thee well my bright star
I watched your taillights blaze into nothingness

Storyboards for the original version of the prologue, drawn in 2012.

As you can see by that last post, eventually I’m planning to go back and finesse the images in the prologue, since the difference in quality between it and the rest of the story is noticeable.

Fare thee well my bright star
I watched your taillights blaze into nothingness

You don’t have to do it all by yourself…



Howdy.  So as a few of you are aware, Astonishers has a companion blog, Tales of the Astonishers.  Basically, Tales is a collection of one-shot, first-person vignettes highlighting different characters in the Astonishers universe.  What some of you might not be aware of, however, is that any of you can contribute to it!  The submit box is currently open and accepting pictures, text stories, and video.

But that’s not all.  If you create an OC for the Astonishers universe and draw up a Tales-style post about them, and then I approve the submission and put it on the blog, your character is canon.  They’ll officially be part of the story’s universe. 

But that’s still not all.  A lot of you have been messaging me about voice acting, and here’s the thing: there are going to be a lot of characters, both created by myself and the readers, showing up on Tales that will need a voice.  So there could be literally hundreds of opportunities for voice acting as the story grows.

If you’re interested, start submitting some stories!  And while it may be difficult to come up with original characters when it’s this early in the main story, here’s something to help you out.

Let’s go build a superhero universe together!

Reblogging for anyone that missed it!